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I am Komal , 5.6’’ feet, weight 56 kgs, an independent escort in Bangalore. In this hectic life, we need that little time to ourselves wherein we can do whatever want without having any regrets. One of the best ways to release our stress is to have a perfect and sensual time that just relaxes every muscle in our body. This is where I, Seems would like to be of some help for you.

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I am having a well maintained figure of 34-26-34. I am a very soft spoken girl who is very adventurous and loves to explore various ways to make your fantasies come true. Everybody has a particular sensual fantasy that they would like to come true. When you are with me, all you need to do is state what your heart desires and so shall be done.I am a very young girl who loves to be wild and have a wild time when I am with my clients, I also love to enjoy myself in every way possible. I am romantic, sexy and hot and I know how to satisfy my clients in every possible way .If you just want to have fun, then I am your girl.

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Bangalore, formerly known as Bangalure, is a city of dream, aspirations, struggle, success & stress. For stress release Banagalore Escort is best way to stress release. we can alter our fertility with hormones, aritificial insemination & IVF; we can meet a new partners through dating agencies & the internet ; we can improve our appearance with cosmetics or surgery; and we can create new life in a dish. No other species can do any of these things. As a humans, we are experts at studying the mating behaviours of other species. we can predict their action, even modify them, & we can genetically alter them to change their appearance. When it comes to choosing a mate for oursleves, however, few humans seem to have much success, let alone any real understanding of the process through which it happens Bangalore Escorts divided into four divisions models, collage girls, airhostes & house wives. Bangalore Escorts Service who has been into this particular profession for long has seen most of the part of this industry and she is in today’s date one of the most renowned and sexy escort ladies serving various top notch clients and maintaining a good quality portfolio which is worthy enough for displaying.

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In India there are so many I.T hub city but Bangalore is one of them. The climate of Bangalore is so sweet and there is a working environment in all circumstances while having the work in all formats as well. I.T hub Bangalore is also known for neat and clean and Medical infrastructures and so many things which are good in Bangalore so far. The people who are living in Bangalore they are very lucky why? Because the climate of Bangalore is very awesome, there is no traffic problem, no road problem but I can include one more thing that is Honesty. South Indian people are really very honest in all era of Sexual Satisfaction with Bangalore Female Escort. They also very honest while taking the escort service from my escort agency means Komal Sharma independent escort service in Bangalore. Whatever they commit they will full fill your commitment and also consider about that things whatever they had full fill your commitment as well. In Bangalore not an insisting work has been done through any one, suppose that one guys who was still impelled to turn and follow its path, although he had miles to search before he logically should. He weighed his gut-feeling against common sense. He could simply not decide unless he knew when she had gone. It was too soon to turn without a reason. The only documentary evidence, the logbook, seemed nowhere. So in presence scenario the youth of India too much attraction towards the sexy and hot girls. Now a day’s love is nothing only attraction is there for sexual satisfaction as well. So the guys who want a very hard core physical relation then come to Bangalore and call to Komal Sharma she will deliver the best and top class romance and sex while having the intercourse on the bed of roses as well.

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We are very glad that komal Sharma escorts has been running in Bangalore since four years. And this experiment has been repeated many times since so many days with almost unchanged result. The more attractive the person who was making the offer, the more likely women were to agree to a date but they still resisted agreeing to have sex with him. For men, the more attractive the person was, the greater the likelihood he would agree to sex. While were generally puzzled, surprised or even offended by this spontaneous proposal, most men were excited and flattered by it. In other side the experience with Komal Sharma had have been truly hot in all era of physical satisfaction so far. Among other finding, men were significantly more likely than women to report that they were willing to: as far as my concern that in this universe sex is a breath and eating for every men and women who is mortal in all scenario as well. The men who is looking for a women in Bangalore escorts do not go anywhere go with my web site or go through my personal number which give you the more relax and more fresh feeling. And if you want a romance, lips kisses, love and unlimited fun then Komal Sharma is one the best all these tags as well. Why? Because once you will take my service you will never forget me and you will remember me forever, and whenever you will visit again Bangalore you will definitively go through me and I will be make your each and every time more special and deliver to you my best romance rather than the other escort girls so far.


For men, chocolate is just another food and not an addiction as it can be for so many women. Women with low serotonin levels are the addicted chocoholics because phenyl ethylamine – a feel-good chemical in chocolate improves their feeling of well-being. Women eat more chocolate during their period than at most other times and chocolates are the number one choice for recovering heroin addicts. Chocolates are ingredients also attack to the cannabis receptors in the female brain, meaning that when a woman eats it, she feels the combination of both falling in love and being high on marijuana. When the women having sex on the bed she always want soft and silk in all circumstances as well. That is why women want a chocolate when having the sex so far. And as we all know that chocolate is preplan for the women and men when they do the intimate scene together in the part of all sexual satisfaction so far. There is also mention the indication the name like choose the women, means your look is so much chocolaty, charm, and cute then the women will prefer to you for a chocolate sex in all circumstances while having the very hard core sex in all era as well. It should be apparent to you by now that women do enjoy sex but for very different reasons to men. Women want to feel special, be respected, involved in decision-making and for their opinions to be valued. For men reading this information, if you treat women as if they are different to you in their perceptions of love and sex, you will discover a new world of female sexual response you could never have imagined.


Chocolate satisfies you even when it goes soft, you can safely have chocolate while you are driving, you can have chocolate anywhere (even in front of your mother), you can have chocolate at any time of the mouth, with chocolate there is no need to fake enjoyment, the word ‘commitment’ does not frighten chocolate, you can have chocolate on your desk and not upset your boss, having chocolate does not mean keeping the neighbor’s awake, chocolate does not keep you awake snoring after you have had it, with chocolate, size does not matter. So here I would like to focusing to you that chocolate is most significant part while having the sex in all era of sexual satisfaction so far. There is a most understanding that men and women have different sexual needs and motivation is the key to a good sex life and a happy relationship as well. And women have evolved with a lower sex drive than men, as they needed to take time out from procreating to care for their young. Also women need emotional input. If men want their partner to initiate sex more, they need to be loving, cherishing and do the washing-up: a stressed woman will place sex very low down on her priority list. Women do want sex, and more often than they care to admit as well. So there is a most understanding part of sexual satisfaction in all era as well. If you want a good drive and good mechanical sexual driver on the path sex then go through the KOMAL SHARMA website and also go through my phone number, once you will ring to me I will be there with in the sometime for your full fill the requirement as soon as possible so far. So get a chocolate sex, finger sex, 69 sex, and body to body sex which is more and more heat able in all field of sexual satisfaction so far.


In life, there are only a small percentage of highly attractive potential partners. These attractive people are desired by the majority of people, who, in fact, do not have a high Mating Rating themselves. That is why most people settle for partners who have roughly the same Mating Rating as themselves. Most people do not recognize the minor everyday things they do as being part of an urge to compete successfully for mates. For example, few women consider that buying a face cream that helps remove wrinkles, or a lipstick that highlight the lips, or a conditioner to make the hair shine are all designed to try to out-compete other women for the attention of men. Men pumping iron in a gym do not consider that they are trying to beat other men by looking as if they can control resources. Because of the way men’s and women’s criteria for their mates have evolved, it is virtually impossible for couples to coexist without some conflict from time to time as their life circumstances change. When you accept that conflict is inevitable and you choose strategies to deal with conflicts as they occur your lifer with the opposite sex can go relatively smoothly. Any thoughts you may have about conflict-free relationships are best relegated to bedtime stories or novels. The way to true relationship happiness is to understand a mate’s needs and to have fulfilling those needs as your goal. As we all know that ‘relationships are like a full-time job, and we should treat them like one. If your lover wants to leave you, they should give you two weeks’ notice. There should be severance pay and a performance bonus, and before they leave, they should have to find you a temp.


Both the popular and scientific press love to report studies showing differences, while tending to ignore the usually more common research showing no real gender distinctions. It is all too easy to forget that men and women are far more alike than different, and that people change over time, both individually and as a society. The major cognitive gender differences have been declining significantly over the past three decades, including the ‘traditional’ ones of superior female verbal ability and male mathematical ability. One of the more recent explanations for this is proposed by the theory that children are no longer for this is proposed by the theory that children are no longer segregated as far as ‘male’ and ‘female’ activities, and that behavior has a profoundly interactive relationship with hormones and the development of cognitive skills and brain structures – for boys, might better develop spatial abilities. Now the fact that much of our mate preferences and sexual urges are innate or hardwired into our brain does not necessarily condemn us to being controlled by our biology. Men are not sentenced to turbulent lives because of their need for sexual variety, and women are not doomed to spend their lives criticizing men for lack of commitment. We humans differ from other animal species in that we have the ability to direct our behavior or change it by making conscious choices. Having knowledge about why we are motivated to make the choices we do means we become accountable for our behavior and its consequences. Having choices means that there are no more excuses for behavior. The brain of the common moth is hardwired to allow it to navigate by the light of the moon and stars, but like humans, the moth now lives in an era that does not tolerate many of its hardwired behavior in all circumstances as well.